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  1. karen blake

    Very impressive! On time, I will definitely use this service again!

  2. Jennifer Huff

    I have used Estella Express services several times. I always have an enjoyable safe ride. It’s very convenient and she’s always on time.

  3. Brendan Morgan

    Very courtesy and professional service clean and on time. I would recommend anyone whose traveling to and from the airport. And very affordable. Professional transportation service

  4. Jeam Linares

    My car broke down a day before my flight and I was in desperate need for a ride to the airport. I called Estella Express and she was quick to pick me up, the ride was smooth, great conversation, and great price. Definitely a 5 start experience.

  5. Cady

    I am a student at Eastern Michigan University. I needed to attend a convention in Lansing for the weekend, but I don’t have a car on campus. I’m able to go because of Estella Express! 🙂

  6. Laurie Wixted

    Estella is Amazing…always puts her customer first…extremely reliable…excellent value!

  7. Willie Nelson

    What a wonderful ride, from the University of Michigan to Metro airport, Estalla was not only my driver but an ear to ease my pre flight jitters….

  8. Amanda Martin

    I called Estella Express last niggt and set a reservation to get picked up from the airport. I was impressed at how friendly, tidy and affordable the ride was. She made me feel safe and comfortable even though it was after midnight I would recommend her to everyone that needs transportation It was convienent that I was able to set a last minute reservation and she was availible Thank you!

  9. Reinhard Wilmer

    A true professional! Magnificent hospitality from the start of my ride to the end destination. Helped us check our bags to the airport when my mom couldn’t bring it. Experienced flight attendant that knows the ins and outs of the airport and the airline industry. You can’t go wrong with this service!

  10. Dan Lev

    Estella is a lovely driver, shows up on time and gets to the destination quickly

  11. Cher Borde

    Very good service thw van was very clean the service excellent i would recommend this service to anyone

  12. Will Larkins

    Stella gets me where I need to go. A++++

  13. Ben D

    She picked me up at the airport and it was a nice ride. She took me to the high house and later picked me up again! I would totally reccomend Estella express. You can make reservations coming and coming out!

  14. Kierra Caldwell

    I had a family emergency in Chicago, estella express got me there safe and sound. Very clean, professional and the price for this trip was amazing….thx again!!!😘

  15. varsha chowdary

    i took cab from airport to my place at night time. it’s safe and friendly driver.

  16. Cami Loveland

    Estella Express was awesome. The service was enjoyable because the driver was hilarious but very kind, charismatic and professional. She drove very safely and the ride was smooth. I would definitely recommend and ride again

  17. Cara Levy

    I called for an airport shuttle at the last minute and they were able to accommodate me! Estella was on time and extremely sweet. Great option for airport transportation for University of Michigan students!!

  18. Michigan Finnest Drea

    Clean vehicle took me to the airport last night enjoyed the ride drove safely

  19. Robert Brewer

    Got picked up from the hotel amd taken to the airport making reservations ahead of time made thing so much easier

  20. Mon'et Allen

    So I came from L. A at 1am in the morning my mom call Estella express and I fell asleep in the car and to my surprise she woke me up when we arrived at my destination. I have to say I’m very expressed with the service I felt so safe it has reasonable prices and very safe I recommend this to anyone in need of traveling service. We need more companies like her !!!

  21. John Kargul

    Needed a ride home after an evening at the dance. Estella Express was there for me and at a great price!

  22. Jayboyz Kingmill

    Estella Express was the best ride I had in long time.The car was clean she was on time for pick up and drop off. Very polite and respectful. I recommend her to all women that might be scared to call for a taxi at not, she made my night feel very safe. Please give esteEst Express a call there awesome😀😍

  23. Cynthia Bender

    Estella was kind, friendly, had a super clean vehicle and was insistent on being fair about her rates. I highly recommended her services.

  24. fitness church

    I called estella for a trip from detroit to university of michigan and i will highly recommend her she is a very professional woman and the service is cheaper than most taxis drivers out there.

  25. Cindy Jones

    Very great service. Very punctual and personable. Waaaayyyyy better pricing then uber or Lyft.

  26. Chris Kenny

    Had a nice ride from Holiday inn to the Metro airport.

  27. Nikita Bella

    Using this service made the ride to the airport is fun and enjoyable. She a very sweet and humble lady with excellent professionalism. Her experience as a flight attendant helped ease my mom’s worries. I must say Estella Express goes beyond my expectations. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!

  28. Tyler Pearse

    What a wonderful company. Fast, clean car, awesome service. %100 riding with Stella again. What a great company!!

  29. Billy Logan

    Very professional and on time! Definitely will be using Estella express to and from airport again.

  30. Rahuldomnic Kondaveeti

    I needed ride from airport to my place. Through one of my friend I know about Estella express, I called nd she was really quick. The price was lower than the Uber. Ride was smooth and she was friendly. I definitely suggest this cab, five star rating.

  31. Brianna Johnson

    Estella Express was an excellent service! Very friendly & professional.. I’m an airline employee & was very impressed with the knowledge of information they had. These wonderful ladies will get you where you need to be on time.

  32. Sienna Evans

    Very respectful and on time. I highly recommend their services to anyone!

  33. Alicia Lewis

    Estella has great service. She is very nice and dependable. I am an intern for News Channel 4 in Detroit, Michigan. I am proud to use her transportation services when needed to go back and fourth from home to the station.I love that this is a women based company. I will always recommend her.

  34. Diane H

    Estella Express has provided outstanding transportation for us several times. Every time she went out of her way to assure the scheduled pick up was completed. Return service as well. Service was courteous, professional and above all safe. She went above her required service with an international flight. Highly recommend using Estella Express. She will cover any transportation needs we have in the future. Thank you so much Estella!!!

  35. Sarah Gafford

    I always use Estella Express when I travel. She and the ladies who work for her are always courteous and friendly. They always get me to and from the airport on time. I love that Estella is all about empowering women. I recommend her every time. Keep up the good work, ladies😊

  36. michael berry

    Very fast and friendly. All women service very informative and helpful. Would recommend this service to any one in the Ann arbor area. I’m from new mexico and am very impressed with the service. Recommend to anyone out of state.

  37. Sha'Brika Sanders

    Great experience!! Love Estella & Vanessa , they both got me to the holiday inn where I needed to be with ease

  38. Elisa Rosas

    Great service provided by Estella express I felt safe at all times reliable person if you’re ever in the Detroit area need to pick up please make sure to contact us will be a return customer thank you Estella express

  39. Ernest Bell

    I recommend Stella express very highly the best service I have seen or heard about on time flexible very courteous willing to go out of her way to help me get to all my destinations. This is a all female company but not that that matters I just feel that they got a better touch is being females I also have use her services with my oldest daughter picking her up from the University of Michigan to the airport if you know me and my daughters is everything to me so me trust it’s Stella express with my daughter is a big deal.

  40. angela b

    Estella was very kind and made me feel safe on my late evening ride home from an event.

  41. Derrick Sellers

    I had a very nice drive really affordable airport

  42. scott lewis

    My wife & I visited Ann Arbor Michigan for a weekend, to attend the Michigan/Ohio State football game on 11-30-19. We stayed at the University Inn on Stadium Blvd, which was pretty close to the stadium, but not close enough for walking. We asked the front desk if they offered Uber transportation in the area & they suggested Estella Express. We took the card with her information & called right away. Estella was there to pick us up within minutes! She was very friendly, professional & reasonably priced! She took us to downtown Ann Arbor & when I asked if she would be able to pick us back up later that evening, she had no problem doing just that! My wife & I were able to have dinner & drinks without the worry of having to drive, & this alone made our stay in Ann Arbor even more enjoyable! If and when we return to Ann Arbor we will definitely use her services.

  43. Amaree Smith

    Excellent service! Very friendly

  44. Clinton Thomas

    She’s reliable and very nice

  45. Akira Oyamada

    It is a professional airport transport service. I like it!

  46. Chandler Monsey

    On time and very respectful I would recommend the service to anyone that needs a pick up or drop off

  47. Amber Burrows

    I loved my experience with Estella Express. They where reliable, came on time, and where extremely friendly. They are definitely cheeper than lyft or uber. I will be using the again!!#

  48. Angela Tatro

    Estella is awesome! Always really kind!!

  49. victoriano arboleda

    Great customer service , great conversation , safe driver and knew her way around the airport as well… use her service will not be disappointed!!!! Great person

  50. Tese Howard

    Great service! Always Early for pick ups and has even did free runs to the hospital for us here at Hampton Inn! Excellent customer service and punctual!

  51. Janghoon Choi

    Extremely satisfied with the transportation service. I am a student at the University of Michigan and I started using this service 1 year ago. It is easy to book by either calling or texting and Estella will be on time to pick you up. My brother, who is also a student at Ann Arbor started using this service and my parents as well every time they visit. Also had a great conversation with Estella and don’t be afraid to talk to her if you are one of those who hate awkward silence. I would highly recommend this transportation service due to its reliability and excellent service!

  52. Anon Linder

    A friend told me about Estella Express, and I’m so glad I got a ride from her! So helpful and safe, and affordable. The car was very nice and she said she has all female drivers which is wonderful!
    Thank you so much Estella!

  53. Abid Hayat

    Me and my mom had to take a ride to the airport and my hotel recommended Estella. We had the most wonderful drive to the airport. We are amazed to find that Estella had an all women transportation service which was something we had never come across. We found out that Estella had all female driven cars to provide a 24/7 service to pick and drop female students in and around Ann arbor and to the airport. It’s because of people like her that the students coming from all around the world in Ann Arbor feel safe and comfortable, like my mother also did.
    And now the company is gradually expanding to cover pan-America, and eventually go global. They recently started providing this amazing female driven service in Vegas have plans to scale-up operations in other parts of America soon. We were impressed with Estella and the service she was giving to make Ann Arbor a comfortable and welcoming place for everyone, and especially female students and women living here. Last but not the least, she’s an extremely sweet person to talk to and she makes the best conversations which make you feel right at home. It’s a pleasure to drive with her! Would strongly suggest it.

  54. Carmen Treadway

    Dependable service. Friendly driver. She doesn’t speed and she has an all female staff. I recommend her for your needs in the Ann Arbor area.

  55. Annette P

    The ladies here are very professional, reliable and kind. Estella picked us up right on time, not a minute late and she got us to the airport in good time. She helped us with our bags too! The vehicle was very nice and clean. She is so sweet and I will not hesitate to use them for our next trip. Her drivers are all females and they are providing awesome service.

  56. Manny Rosas

    I arrived in Detroit in the middle of the night and had a fabulous experience with this service. They were on time, clean, freindly, safe, good price, and professional. I highly recommend this transportation services when traveling in the Detroit area.

  57. Kathy Ettlich

    have used Estella Express for 3 years she is dependable honest professional reliable. He team of all female drivers are all awesome. Anytime a guest at the hotel I work for needs car service she is my go to ,always on time if not early n I have even seen her go to guest rooms to get their luggage. If you are in the Ann Arbor area n need a lift I highly recommend this great car service company

  58. Harry Xenos

    Awesome experience with Estella Express! Picked me up from the airport and got me to my hotel for $35! Great rate, very friendly and quick! Thank you very much!

  59. Mary Michaud

    Just took her today, on recommendation from hotel. She was great! Great service, on time — and she insisted on giving us an extra tour since my daughter was there to tour U of Michigan. Insisted it was “gratis”. Lovely, good driving. Only wish I had known about her when we came TO Ann Arbor from Detroit airport. Her price is so very reasonable — airport sedan was almost double. If my daughter gets accepted and goes to this school, she will use this company!

  60. Daniel Heroux

    I was trying to contact Uber and no driver were available at 4:30 am to drive me to the airport from the Kensington hotel, Ann Arbor. The hotel staff gave me Estella Express card, I’ve contacted them and she was there in 20 minutes and provided a great service. Highly recommended!!!

  61. University Inn Ann Arbor

    Dependable service that we always recommend to our customers. The best bang for your buck in the Ann Arbor area.

  62. B Correy

    Estella is a superstar. Picked me up from Airport knowing my plane was delayed coming out of Philly and I had a dinner reservation and not only took me to hotel to get checked in but also to my restaurant for my reservation. Also dropped me and picked me up in my first trip to the Big House which she didn’t charge. Made my trip a lot easier Thank you Estella. Would give more stars if I could. Don’t know what the bad review is about.

  63. Ray Perez

    An incredible service and a great person! She picked me up at the airport and got there 30 min ahead of schedule. Prudent driver and knows the city like nobody else!

  64. Owen Campbell

    WIth Estella Express you get reliable and friendly service while supporting a local, all-female owned and operated business as well! Highly recommended

  65. Austin Monsey

    I loved this shuttle service. An all female company is an inspiration in these times. Totally recommend to any other person.

  66. Adeos Yeboah

    The best cab service I’ve ever taken. Great personality great experience great energy!! Very warm and welcoming service. they were on time and very efficient, even had some great conversations. I highly recommend!!

  67. Tee Tarver

    Awesome!!!!!! I found southern hospitality in Ann Arbor. Visiting from Alabama for a basketball game and Estella was nothing short of amazing. She gave us a ride from the hotel and dropped us off right in front. Afterwards she saw us out front trying to get an Uber and she INSISTED on dropping us back off. And not for a fare. (Who does that?) She was only being kind. And she gives great HUGS!!! 🤗

  68. Dante Moore

    I’m impressed that Ann Arbor, MI has a female transportation service to the airport and any where else. Because it makes me feel like my daughter a student at UM is safe traveling around at night with Estella Express and other females feel safe using Estella Express.

  69. Jason adu

    Great service ,

  70. Annemarie Mancini

    Very prompt, friendly service. Will definitely recommend to everyone flying in to Detroit or needing travel in the area. I felt very safe at all times

  71. James Ewing

    It was a great and wonderful experience with my family. I listened to her story and how she started her company and am very impressed with her success. The fact that she employs all women is very inspirational.

  72. 何承勳

    The service of this company is very good, this company is a female company and all the driving are very kind lady and professional also, we love her very much. Thanks for the lovely service and i will have their service again when i back here.

  73. Hector Lopez

    Estella is the most responsible driver I have had. Female owned company 24 hour service. My wife and daughter felt very safe and comfortable with the fact that all drivers are female and respect female privacy and safety. Estella herself took care of me. She is extremely respectful and polite. She was 15 minutes early and had the car warm and very clean and smelled amazing. Extremely friendly and very knowledgeable of airport travels, airlines and the Ann Arbor hotel area. I had to be at the airport at 6am from the Hyatt Place Ann Arbor, she was there on time, very responsible and safe driver.

  74. Vinay Thomas

    I enjoyed working with you and appreciated your willingness to be there prompt and ready to give us rides back and forth from the U of M Music school and and the hotel. You were very kind to us and easy to communicate with, and I enjoyed how accessible you are. Thank you for also giving us a ride to the airport! The rates are much more affordable than most anything else in the area.

  75. Rae Rogers

    Estella rocks! She is on-time, clean vehicle, friendly, helpful and everything that one could want in transportation. I was introduced to her at the Hyatt Place in Ann Arbor. I will be calling on Estella on my return in a few weeks. She is the best! A Woman owned company with a Woman’s touch.

  76. Bhargavi Ravishankar

    A friend of mine recommended me to Estella. She is one of the most responsible driver I have met. She felt safe and gives the parents peace of mind. I was impressed by how much she has developed her company. Her car is big and comfortable. She has all the necessary safety features in her car. Overall, her services are excellent.

  77. Muirne Mitchell

    Estella is a wonderful driver who is very friendly and loves to chat, so the drive is not awkwardly silent!

  78. Emily O'Donnell

    These women are incredible! All of them are very professional and welcoming. I love having Estella as my driver. In fact, I look forward to my trips to the airport after each semester. I am a student at U of M and my mom calls Estella whenever I plan on coming home. She is very warm and friendly and I always enjoy talking to her on the drive. This company is really incredible, and I LOVE that it is all women. Estella flies 5 days a week and still drives people to and from the airport. All of the females are very knowledgeable about the airlines so they can help young college students figure out how to travel for the first time on their own.

  79. Rigo Renteria

    Best transportation service around honestly couldn’t of been treated better I highly recommend to all!!

  80. Katie O'Neill

    Loved my ride! Had a good conversation with Estella and made it on time. Lovely service!

  81. gina street

    I was given Estella’s business card from the hotel I was staying at. She has taken me to the airport, and picked me up from the airport many times. She has really been a life saver, and is available whenever I need her. Estella is a wonderful driver, and is always dressed very professionally. She offered me gloves, hand sanitizer, and even let me use her cell phone charger and took me through a drive thru. She is friendly and easy to talk to. Her van is beautiful, clean, and spacious. I highly recommend Estella Express!

  82. Ken Gin

    Really cheap and convenient UMich student anyone in Ann Arbor. Always on time and reliable.

  83. Fay A.

    Estella runs an amazing all female cab company. They are always on time and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

  84. Graham Napier


  85. Diane Syria

    Estella was amazing and so sweet, talkative, and professional. What an upstanding individual working for an all female company to provide the best service that leads the way in transportation services in Ann Arbor.

  86. Rosetta Renfroe

    I just loved my ride to work with Estella she is kind car is clean and great prices. I recommend her service.

  87. Dana Moss

    I really enjoyed my journey to the airport with Estella – she was friendly and reliable and I especially like how the company is all-female! Will definitely travel with them again 🙂 I wish we had something like this back in London!

  88. Anisa Mansour

    Thank you for a pleasant trip to Ann Arbor from the airport,a big thank you for the return trip from a very informative young lady who was very pleasant,turned up on time for my scheduled pick up at the Hyatt hotel and carried my luggage to the car.My trip end up longer from what I was expecting but Estella Express did not turn me down one time.They were taking me anywhere i needed to be.Best service ever.Excellent,reliable,clean…I could go on and on… Very professional and on time .Highly recommend Estella Express transportation for all females as this company is owe by female and all employees are females.They also had the best price of all the companies I looked at.You wont regret!!! TOP NOTCH service all the way!!Give it 110%!!Trustworthy! Courteous and safety is their priority! Big shout out to Estella.Thank you for making my trip the BEST memories.All the drivers were incredibly friendly and provided great recommendations for things to do.It was easy to schedule rides and they were always on time.I am definitely going to do business with them again.THANK YOU ALL!!!

  89. K. Howey

    I have rode with Estella Express many times, and it is a very reliable and consistent service! Unlike Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare services, I am never stressed when I have a delayed flight that makes me late to my pickup time because the staff is super understanding and accommodating.

  90. Eliana

    This service was very reliable! Had a pleasant experience with friendly conversation during my ride. Love an all female company!

  91. Yashaswi

    Estella is a like a second mother to me. She is a wonderful person and professional. I moved to Michigan 6 months ago, and I can’t imagine surviving this move had it not been for her. Estella was there for me from the day I landed, dropping me to my hotel, and wherever else I needed to go. 6 months later, she is still the first person I call whenever I need a ride. She has always been punctual, reliable, courteous, and trustworthy. Thank you Estella for all that you have done for me! I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for transportation in the area

  92. Elvia Sciaky

    Estella Express was recommended by a friend. I have used her services 6 times this past year. I even saved her tele.# to my phone. Traveling from California to Ann Arbor and back was stress free. I can always count on getting to the airport on time. Great friendly service and very reasonable.

  93. Elizabeth Ross

    I am completely satisfied with Estella Express! I felt completely safe, the driver was very professional, ride was roomy and clean. I have used Estella Express for two years now, and I would trust this service to transport my little ones if necessary! The fare that you pay is very good, great conversation, with professional drivers. Excellent company-you will be so glad you chose Estella Express!!

  94. Ezequiel C

    Soy un estudiante en la universidad de Michigan. El servicio de Estella express es muy bueno y la gente es muy cordial. También me parece bueno que sea un negocio de todas mujeres, creo que será el futuro. Definitivamente prefiero Estella a uber y Lyft.

  95. Matt M

    I rode with Estella’s services, and she was very punctual and friendly! I feel safe while driving, safe enough to sleep in the car. It’s also great to get to know the drivers the more I ride with them!

  96. Risha

    Estella was so sweet and completely one time. Ladies (and anyone else), if you’re looking for a super safe way to travel no matter the time Estella is the way to go!!!

  97. Penelope Mitchell

    Just wanted to share that Estella transportation is absolutely the best. The service I received was prompt in a clean roomy vehicle and I as a woman was excited to know that she’s creating a transportation business with the intention of it being fully run by women as Estella is concerned about the safety of women as they seek transportation. They are very professional. #loveit

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